The future of the NHS: Dr Andrew Goddard in conversation with the Health Foundation’s Dr Jennifer Dixon

With the NHS turning 70 this month, it is timely to think about the challenges and opportunities ahead. So in June 2018, Dr Andrew ‘Bod’ Goddard, RCP president-elect, and Dr Jennifer Dixon, Health Foundation chief executive, sat down to discuss the future of the service.

Following Jennifer’s inaugural NHS Confederation lecture, their conversation focused on the future role of doctors, management and clinical leadership, the role of technology, and the changing workforce.

Here we present the first 20 minutes, in which Jennifer outlines how she thinks the NHS needs more clinical leadership, and Bod asks how the system needs to change to make that a reality. They also touch on the current workforce crisis, with Bod laying out why we need to double medical student places now.

We will be publishing more of the conversation throughout the year, and look forward to your responses to what Jennifer and Bod had to say.