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By Namita Kumar Given the current workforce and financial issues, it is plain to see that the NHS is underfunded, underdoctored and overstretched.[i] To alleviate the pressure, should physicians just concentrate on doing their most common role; seeing as many patients as they can, as quickly as they can? Perhaps […]
Aggie Rice, Schwartz programme manager, Point of Care Foundation and Jocelyn Cornwell, chief executive, Point of Care Foundation   At this year’s RCP’s annual conference, Innovation in Medicine 2018, the Point of Care Foundation and the RCP’s Our Future Health ( policy team staged an event entitled ‘From surviving to […]
By Anant Jani   The Torbel forest in Switzerland has been successfully managed by the local residents for centuries as a Common Pool Resource (CPR). A CPR is “a natural or man-made resource system that is sufficiently large as to make it costly (but not impossible) to exclude potential beneficiaries […]
By Huw Llewelyn MD FRCP, Honorary Fellow in Mathematics in Aberystwyth University and practising consultant general physician and endocrinologist for over 40 years. With the advent of diagnostics, treatment and artifical intelligence in the health sector, Huw Llewelyn MD discusses the challenges facing the medical profession, particularly in assessing these new interventions […]
By Dr Sally Lewis, National Clinical Lead for Value-Based and Prudent Healthcare and Honorary Professor, Swansea University Medical School Do we all have a shared understanding of what we mean by value in healthcare, not only across the nations, but also from hospital to hospital, doctor to doctor? I have […]
By Dr Sarah Jane Bailey I want to tell you about my friend’s experience of healthcare. Let’s call him Dave. Dave is normally fit and well, he is in his thirties and he is self-employed. A few years ago he underwent a series of investigations and treatment at his local […]
By Jeremy C Wyatt, Clinical Advisor on New Technologies, Health Informatics Unit, RCP Many of us will welcome the Prime Minister’s announcements on May 21st that artificial intelligence (AI) and ‘The Grand Data Challenge’ will be used to: “transform the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of diseases like cancer, diabetes,...
In its 500th year, the RCP is aiming to promote debate among healthcare workers and the public, about what the UK’s healthcare service should look like. One of the questions raised in the remit of Our Future Health is how investment could be targeted to improve the wellbeing of the…